Luke 2:52 – “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”


Prayer Focus: Shortly after Becky was born, I woke in the middle of the night with words from the Lord going through my mind.  I shared them with Dave and he put them together in a poem. Here is a portion of it…


“Our Creator loves me so, He sent a child like you;

To brighten up my every day and give me more to do.   

 He took a little part of dad and a little part of me;

To make a brand new part of Him, eternal soul to be.”


Dear Lord,

Thank You for the gift of our children.  Thank You for the miracle that each one is and thank You that they are more precious and sacred in Your eyes than we can possible imagine.  Thank You for the joy they brought as newborns and for all of the stages of growth and life that we have experienced together.  At every age, as I look into their eyes may I see them as eternal souls. Guide me to live before them a life of honesty, trust, and obedience that allows your nature to be seen in me.  May I love them, and their spouses and be an example of godliness to them.  Grant me love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness,  faithfulness, and self- control. Give me listening ears and praying lips to continually point them to You.  Protect them from the lures of the world and all of the deceit it holds. Instead, may they fully embrace You and  enjoy the kingdom of heaven here and now as well as in the future.  In all decision-making I pray that they will seek You and counsel that represents You, and not lean on their own understanding. May they always have an ear for Your voice and obey it.  May they be in your Word daily and pass it on to their children. May they demonstrate good stewardship of their finances and all that you bless them with.  May our sons love their wives as Christ loved the church and our daughter lavish our son–in-law with great respect.  Thank You for the way they bless me when they honor their father, and for the even greater blessing when they take a stand for You.  May they grow in wisdom, and in favor with You and men.


“Children are the gift of God, entrusted to our care;

To discipline to teach and love, together this life share.

Of all the titles one could have, I wouldn’t wish another;

A special privilege? Yes, indeed! To be called a Mother!” J



  • Praise God for the gift of children and the rich potential God has created in their lives.
  • Join our 6:00pm Thursday night prayer team (in prayer if not in person).         


  • Thank God for the children in your life.  Give thanks especially for the ways they are sacred and precious.
  • Pray for the Good News families of the week: Allen Grandin (Junior), Christina Greisch (Derek, Alisha), Ryan Hackett.


  • Pray for the parents of our church and community to be agents of the Word, who instruct and train their children with it and lead their households by it.


  • Pray for the children’s workers and teachers of our church and community, to be people of the Word, who gladly receive its discipline and guidance and effectively instruct the children from it.


  • Ask God to strengthen Christian families in a world that is hell bent on destroying them.  Pray that children will love and honor their parents and that parents will train up their children (by word and example) in the way they should go.


  • Pray for those families that are in trouble, that they might have a revival of what is sacred and precious.  Pray that they would come to a fresh reality of God’s purpose and plan for the family.


  • Ask God to help you remember that the family is God’s garden and workshop for training up each generation so that they might know and love Him and bless each other.  May we always remember that the family that prays together, stays together.

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